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    Jordan is an experienced recovery coach and interventionist. He is also a certified personal trainer and is currently expanding his education to be a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Jordan has worked with a wide variety of ages, from adolescents to executives.

    Prior to starting The Recovery Guides, Jordan was the head interventionist and head recovery coach with two of the fastest growing intervention and coaching companies in the country. 



   "I have known and worked with Jordan de Haan in a professional capacity for over two years. In that time, I can personally attest to the steady improvement in mood, hope, focus and drive of those lucky enough to work with Jordan as a recovery coach. Jordan carries with him an aura of strength, compassion, focus and safety that seems to magically put a client at ease, despite their current mental or emotional state. 

    With a gift for providing clear, concise direction, Jordan does not hesitate when it comes time to make the tough decisions, particularly when a client is in dire need of a higher level of care or other healthcare services. Also, Jordan is deeply versed in his expertise and enjoys educating both his clients and their family members alike on all aspects of addiction and recovery. Lastly, ever attuned to the clinical aspect of his work, Jordan never hesitates to reach out to other healthcare professionals who may be involved with the case for clinical assistance or direction. 

    In summary, I can not recommend Jordan's services enough. I maintain that whoever makes the smart choice to work with Jordan de Haan will dramatically increase their chances of permanent sobriety." 

          - Benjamin Russack, LMFT


How we Can

Help You


    Often times a person dealing with drug and alcohol abuse lacks the willingness to accept help. Our experienced interventionists are able to help your loved ones accept the help they need.  The Recovery Guides offers both adolescent and adult interventions.

Recovery Coaching

    It is essential to develop healthy routines and coping mechanisms in early recovery. At The Recovery Guides, we offer one on one, action-based coaching to help instill these habits and routines. We can build a coaching program around treatment, family, and work; allowing you to receive the help you need without foregoing your commitments. 

Drug testing

      The Recovery Guides offer both in-person and remote-monitored drug testing services. Whether needed to remove the awkwardness and social friction from having to drug test a family member or as an adjunct to one's personal treatment, we are able to build this extra layer of accountability in-person or remotely using our novel drug testing protocols. 

Case management

      The Recovery Guides offer Case Management to help you and your loved ones navigate the treatment process. Our experienced providers will help you find the best therapeutic fit every step of the way, ensuring the individual and their family have a custom-tailored path to Recovery. 

Sober Companion

    The Recovery Guides offer live-in Sober Companions. We are able to provide around the clock support as you or a loved one navigates the difficulties of early recovery. We are experienced in providing this as both an ancillary service for treatment centers and in the home environment. 


     The Recovery Guides is experienced in facilitating both adult transport services and adolescent transport interventions. We can help guarantee that your loved one gets the treatment they need. We specialize in treatment resistant teens, employing a firm but compassionate approach.

    The Recovery Guides employs treatment professionals in recovery to ensure that your loved one receives relatable and compassionate care.




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