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Concierge Behavioral Health Services


The Recovery Guides offers holistic behavioral health solutions at all stages of the recovery process. Whether the client be pre-contemplation, currently in crisis, or graduating from a program, our team will guide all towards better, more comprehensive solutions. 


The Recovery Guides partners with treatment programs, therapeutic consultants, and clinicians to ensure appropriate, consistent and thorough care.


The Recovery Guides is a team of behavioral health professionals who work to fill in the gaps around the standard treatment continuum. We ensure communication between all members of the care team while increasing supervision and one-on-one support.


The Recovery Guides is a United States based behavioral health consulting and services provider. We are comprised of professionals located around the country and facilitate in all 50 states. Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with more comprehensive care and guidance throughout the treatment process. 

We believe that the current standard care continuum has gaps, both in supervision and communication. We ensure that supervision is never dropped abruptly while also ensuring that all members of the care team are in full communication as each day unfolds. 



"No parent wants to conduct an intervention for their child, but that is where my wife and I found ourselves with our oldest daughter. We were so fortunate to find The Recovery Guides, who not only coached us leading up to the intervention, but were such a comforting presence in our home during the intervention. Rachael's experience in this area is evident and having her with us made the entire process easier for us all. 

A sudden death in our family required our daughter to come home only a week into her rehabilitation. We called The Recovery Guides one again so that Rachael could escort her home, and support her throughout the process. My family would highly recommend The Recovery Guides for help navigating these difficult situations."



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