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      We offer both adult and adolescent intervention for substance use disorder and mental health. We employ Certified Intervention Professionals (CIP) and have both male and female interventionists across a variety of age demographics. Intervention serves as a method of socially compelling persons to accept help.

Care Management

      Care Management functions as a greater care oversight service. This includes establishing consistent and thorough lines of communication between all members of a client's care team (therapeutic consultants, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.), services oversight, and advocating for the client/family with their care team and treatment provider.

In-Home Support Staff

Drug Testing

      In-Home Supervision, Mentoring and Coaching all function as a way of providing customized behavioral health support staff. This includes drug testing, executive function coaching, monitoring engagement with the client's care plan, crisis intervention, personal training, career advancement and more. We offer everything from once a week check-ins to 24/7 live in support staff.

      Drug Testing functions as a sobriety monitoring service. Our staff is trained in administering urinalysis tests, saliva tests and breathalyzer blood alcohol tests. It provides a means of greater accountability and supervision as clients step down in level of care. We also offer a proprietary system of remote-monitored drug testing.


      Transport is a safe escort service that provides on-the-road support to clients as they transition to, between or from a treatment program. Transport increases the likelihood that the client will arrive at their destination. Travel during the treatment process is higher risk in that the client can change their mind in the process or become intoxicated along the way.

TrueLink Financial

      Our team is trained in TrueLink Financial setup and administration. TrueLink is a remote-monitored debit card that allows our staff to set spending limits, choose acceptable vendor types, restrict ATM withdrawals, monitor spending history and to turn off the card in the event of a relapse or mental health episode.


      Our team are Certified SoberLink Providers. SoberLink is a breathalyzer technology that allows for remotely monitoring a client's blood alcohol level through the use of a WiFi connected breathalyzer with front-facing camera and facial recognition technology. SoberLink allows for more frequent blood alcohol monitoring without the need for increased in-person visits.

Recovery Detective

Colorado Home Drug Testing

       Colorado Home Drug Testing is the Colorado in home drug & alcohol testing arm of The Recovery Guides. We use the leading evidence based practices in our long term monitoring solutions for families, such as Contingency Management. We aim to mirror aspects found in commercial pilot and physician treatment protocols.

       Recovery Detective is a service which pairs licensed private investigators with behavioral health services such as intervention and transport. Whether it be missing persons, "lifestyle audits" of heirs and beneficiaries, or pre-intervention surveillance, our pairing of these services allows us to rapidly act on information gathered and more quickly bring clients to safety. 

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